Our Inspections

Did you know?

We can complete a New Home Warranty inspection before your one year New Home Warranty expires! Save yourself the stress of finding the time and planning out what to tell the builder. Book your New Home Warranty Inspection today.

Additional Services

Thermal Imaging

Our inspectors are certified to do complete property thermal imaging inspection. We will use the Camera on the walls, windows, basement foundation and any other areas where there is evidence of a moisture problem. The report you are supplied with includes thermal images next to the visual picture for easy comparisons. The report also includes the thermal readings from each area and an interpretation of what those readings mean.

Ozone Treatment

The Ozone treatment is most often used to get rid of unwanted odours inside the home. The Ozone machine kills all living organisms inside the dwelling so all plants and animals must be removed before the treatment. The Ozone machine will kill all bacteria, getting rid of the smell at the source. A preliminary cleaning of the area is always suggested to maximize the effects of the Ozone Treatment.

Air Quality

The basis for this test is to decide if there is an abnormal amount of mould molecules in the air of your property in comparison to the outside air in that area. This can be evidence of a mould problem in the home. We take at least 3 air samples, 2 inside the home and one outside the home for comparison. If any physical mould samples are found we will take a sample of those as well for testing. We supply you with a detailed report of our findings and interpret what those findings mean for your home.