Knowledge is Power

Knowing what questions to ask as well as having checklists to make sure you have all the details covered are key in making the inspection process simple and stress free. We make it a point to go over every report with our clients before we leave so you can ask us any questions.

Property Owner Checklist

We have prepared a checklist to help you prepare your property for inspection.

Home Inspection Preparation Checklist:

  1. Move furniture away from basement walls
  2. Ensure sump pump, electrical panel, furnace and water heater are accessible
  3. De-clutter as much as possible to help our inspectors see as much as possible.
  4. Make attic entrance available.
  5. Ensure all light outlets have functioning light bulbs in them.
  6. Leave garage door opener available for inspectors.
  7. Try to expose foundation on the exterior of the home by removing obstructions.