Our Inspectors

Did you Know?

John Davis our owner and founder is a Certified Master Inspector. He works regularly with trade organizations as well as with the Alberta Government to ensure up to date inspection practices and certifications standards throughout the industry.

Our Inspectors

Not just anyone can be a Cabin to Castle Property Inspector.

In order to become a Cabin to Castle inspector you need a construction background as well as to pass all the certifications set out but the province. Our inspectors also train under two Master Inspectors who make it their job to teach our team to be the best.

John Davis, Owner - Cabin to Castle Home Inspections

John Davis, Owner | Master Inspector, CMI, IAC2, etc

John Davis along with Cheryl Daly are the owners of Cabin to Castle. John attended St. Lawrence Community College in Kingston Ontario after high school in the Commercial Communications program. Upon completion he attended Berkshire College in Pittsfield Massachusetts in the Business Administration program. He came to Alberta in 1976 and worked as a framer in the residential home construction industry before entering the Apprentice program at Nait where he became a red seal journeyman painter.

He started a painting company in 1976 which transformed into a general construction company that experienced great success for 27 years. Upon the sale of that company he began running Cabin to Castle. He has owned and operated Cabin to castle for sixteen years and built the company into the largest independent property inspection company in Alberta.

John is involved in sharing his knowledge with home buyers through many means. He is involved in several workshops throughout the year including First Home Owners seminars and home maintenance workshops. As a certified Master Inspector, he has also developed the Cabin to Castle training program to ensure that each home inspector at Cabin to Castle can give the best possible service to our clients.

Most recently John has been a guest lecturer at NAIT in the Engineering Department to teach students what is necessary in a proper inspection. The students were required to do field work prior to the class and John gave feedback on student’s presentations of their findings. John has also become a member of the Real Estate Investment Network and the Canadian Insurance Association.

Property Inspector - Cabin to Castle Home Inspections

Kevin J. | Master Inspector/Licensed Inspector #332635

Kevin comes to Cabin to Castle with extensive framing and roofing experience. He also has a background in hotel management and operations. This is extremely valuable knowledge for the Cabin to Castle team to possess as we now inspect hotels and motels all over Western Canada. He has been a large part in the development of our new reporting system. He holds a real estate license which gives him additional insight into the industry.

He is a government certified home inspector and holds a Certified Master inspector designation as well as being air quality certified.

Property Inspector - Cabin to Castle Home Inspections

Cody C. | Master/Licensed Inspector #33795

Being from a large construction family he was exposed to home construction at a very young age. In his late teens he left his native Newfoundland to take a job in Whitby, Ontario. There he learned home construction from the foundation to the roof. Later he moved to Alberta where, he was employed in a truss manufacturing plant. He was introduced to the home inspections industry when Cabin to Castle inspected his first home.

He was encouraged by John Davis to pursue further education in this field and upon completion of Carson Dunlop home inspector coarse he joined our program. He was trained under the supervision of the Master Inspectors at Cabin to Castle. He enjoys and continues to learn every aspect of this industry.

Property Inspector - Cabin to Castle Home Inspections

Alex M. | Licensed Inspector #339397

Alex comes to Cabin to Castle after completing four years of technical training at NAIT where he graduated as Journeyman Plumber and Gas Fitter. He has experience in the plumbing industry as well as general construction experience. He is a graduate of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. He has experience in all aspects of plumbing and heating from boiler systems to make up air systems. He is a valuable component to the Cabin to Castle team.

Property Inspector - Cabin to Castle Home Inspections

Justin B. | Master/Licensed Inspector #339125

Justin has been with the Cabin to Castle since 2013 having completed over 1000 property inspections and holds an INTERNACHI Certification, Certified master inspector designation and a Certified Indoor Air Consultant and Mould Certification.

Justin comes to Cabin to Castle with 10 years of construction experience including Residential and Commercial framing of floor, wall, roof systems and deck construction. Justin’s construction experience also includes the installation of exterior siding, windows and doors, fascias and soffits, corrugated siding and roofing installation as well as interior insulation. Justin’s extensive experience in the construction background gives him a vast understanding of structural components as well as exterior applications.

Property Inspector - Cabin to Castle Home Inspections

Jason M. | Licensed Inspector #332632

Jason comes to Cabin to Castle with previous experience doing home inspections. After graduating from the Carson Dunlop inspection-training program he performed inspections from 2007-2011. He has hands on experience in several areas of construction including: siding, framing, roofing and drywall. He also managed a truss manufacturing plant and completed the Internachi private well and septic system course. After completing the rigorous Cabin to Castle training program under the supervision of one of our master inspectors he joined our inspection team and has become a valuable part of our organization.

Property Inspector - Cabin to Castle Home Inspections

Travis A.

Travis has owned and operated a residential construction consulting company as well as performed complete home renovations for a number of years. An Interior Systems Mechanic by trade and also educated as a certified mold/asbestos inspector and an ozone shock technician, he is a huge asset to our company. He has completed the extensive Cabin to Castle training program and has been mentored by our certified Master inspectors. He holds a certified home inspector license.

Property Inspector - Cabin to Castle Home Inspections

Jason Z.

Jason Z is one of the newest additions to Cabin to Castle Property Inspections. He comes to us with extensive trades experience and education. He is a Certified Red Seal Plumber and Gas Fitter, having completed his diploma at the North Alberta Institute of Technology. Jason worked as a Journeyman plumber for over 10 years before becoming a Licensed and Certified Property Inspector. He is a huge asset to our company with his far-reaching knowledge about plumbing and general construction. The feedback from our clients regarding his expertise, demeanor and know-how have been exceptional.

Cheryl Daly, Owner - Cabin to Castle Home Inspections

Cheryl D. | Owner

Since leaving the optical industry Cheryl has been the heart and soul of Cabin To Castle for the past sixteen years, answering phones 18 hours a day 7 days a week. Cheryl has now stepped back from the day to day operations and is now involved in corporate decision making and event planning.

Office Manager - Cabin to Castle Home Inspections

Sharon D. | Office Manager

A graduate of the Nait accounting program, Sharon manages Cabin to Castle’s finances as well as the day to day running of the office. She has extensive business management experience as a previous owner and operator of a steel fabricating company. She deals with the accounting of the business as well as all employee payroll and employment documentation. She is in charge of Cabin to Castle’s public relations and marketing.

She is the friendly face and the welcoming voice that helps keep the office environment inviting.

Photo of a Cabin to Castle employee

Samantha H. | Contract Communications/Social Media/Call Service

Samantha has a degree in Political Science and Economics from the University of Alberta and is currently a Juris Doctor Candidate. She is responsible for our social media presence and answers our company phones when the office is closed. She has worked for us over the past 2 years and is extremely knowledgeable about the company and the services we provide.

A Cabin to Castle office administrator

Jolene C. | Office Administrator

Jolene is our customer service and scheduling administrator in our office. She is in charge of booking appointments and guaranteeing that our customers are taken care of from the moment you book until we have ensured you are completely informed about your entire property.