Our Inspectors

Did you Know?

A home inspector must have a licence and shall produce his or her home inspector licence and a copy of the home inspection business licence for inspection, or provide details about those licences, that make it possible to determine if the person is licensed when requested to do so by a consumer or potential consumer, the person whose home is being inspected, an inspector or the Director, or a peace officer.

Training and Certification

We have the Experience

Cabin to Castle is not a franchise company. We hire inspectors only with extensive construction experience. We then require them to take a government approved inspection course.

On completion, our inspectors begin the company specific training. Each inspector will do “ride-alongs” with our Master inspectors for at least 2 weeks. After that it will be to the discretion of the Master inspector if the new inspector has a firm understanding of Cabin to Castle’s standards for inspections. The new inspector will then begin as the second inspector at the inspections, completing the upstairs portion of the inspection. All of our basement inspectors have gone through their classes, individualized company training, and have extensive experience in the field. Every one of our inspectors continues to train and update their knowledge base so that we stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

Cabin to Castle also does several training workshops throughout the year with qualified tradesmen from the construction industry to keep us up to date.