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Michael Draper


About the Realtor

As a Residential Real Estate expert in the greater Edmonton area, I am challenged with guiding people through the process of one of the largest and most stressful decisions they will ever make. This process has several components that require me to partner with other industry professionals such as lawyers, mortgage brokers, and property inspectors. I have worked closely with Cabin to Castle for over three years and there are many reasons why I am very confident in referring them to my trusted clients. First of all, Cabin to Castle understands that everybody's time is valuable so they double their manpower in order to get the job done efficiently and in half the time of most inspectors. I find their inspectors to be extremely knowledgeable and friendly and willing to take the time to explain things in a way anyone can understand. One of the most impressive things about Cabin to Castle is that their service doesn't stop when the inspection is over. There have been countless times that my clients have called me a week later with a question and I am always able to get good advice and sometimes even a referral to a tradesperson. I look forward to continued success this year, with many more happy clients for both of us.